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Beginner 1 Class (ages 4 and up) 

Beginner class for new students and returning beginners.
Class will focus on Traditional Jig, Reel, Single Jig and Slip Jig.

Beginner 2 Class  (ages 6 and up) 

Beginner class for students that have mastered
Jig steps 1,2 and 5. Traditional Jig steps 3&4 will be
completed along with mastering the Promenade
‚Äčat full speed and 1st step of the reel. 

Advanced Class

Advanced beginner class for students. This class is for students that  have completed their soft shoe dances (Jig, Reel and Slipjig).

Senior Class

This class is for students with the desire and ability to practice at home. Class will move quickly and students must commit to practicing at home and attending all classes. Students will learn advance soft and hard shoe material as well as various figure dances.

Class Levels